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Building communities for customer engagement Maria Ogneva (Sidecar Technologies)
The future is networked, and this future is already here today. In this kind of future, the line between users, customers and employees is blurry at best, as your users remix, share and extend your products — and people who work for you aren’t even your employees. When your community is your product, and everything is shareable and extensible, community is no longer a line item in your marketing budget. But building sustainable communities that provide value is incredibly hard, as is evidenced by graveyards of branded communities out there. It’s not enough to simply put up a community platform – you need to become the kind of company that’s comfortable giving up control and operating from the edges.When people have so many options for spending their time and money, how do you connect meaningfully and inspire purposeful action? How do you lead without dictating and controlling too much? How do you strengthen your brand when it doesn’t even belong to you anymore? In this session, you will learn how truly excellent communities transcend beyond tactical use cases, fully transforming businesses and entire industries – and even starting movements. We will talk about ways in which to motivate participation and create habit-forming communities that break through the clutter, all while reaching meaningful business results, beyond “likes” and page views. And finally, we will demystify community management as an entire discipline that helps you get there with practical and actionable measures.
Learn how to map your social media networks (hands-on workshop) Marc Smith (Social Media Research Foundation)
If you can make a pie chart you can now make a network chart using NodeXL, a free and open add in for Excel. NodeXL extends the familiar spreadsheet to include network charts and metrics. NodeXL users can quickly download network data from sources like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, email, Wikis, blogs, the WWW, and more. Automated network analysis and reporting features allow network data collection and mapping to be scheduled without human intervention. Network maps and reports can reveal the key people and groups in a discussion, summarizing the topics, content, URLs, and hashtags in use. Bring a laptop and learn how to map your hashtag, fan page, discussion or web site with just a few clicks and no programming skills. Marc is an internationally recognised expert in social media mapping. Download and install the NodeXL application from
Rapid Innovation and Creative Thinking Tom Hajdu (Umbilical) & Kristine Dery (MIT)
This workshop explores new ways of engaging with creative thinking. Through a series of interactive exercises Tom Hajdu and Kristine Dery will share their ideas around ways to engage your organisation to reimagine the possibilities and approaches to problems and opportunities. In a digital landscape where there is a constant need to be thinking of new ways to engage both customers and our own staff, we need to be able to think beyond the current horizons and apply the same creative approaches as start-ups.
Wearable Technologies: Disrupting the workplace Anne Bartlett-Bragg & the Ripple Effect Group team
If you think the future is now – you haven’t seen anything yet!

The rate of new technology is evolving exponentially. In our workplaces, smartphones and enterprise social networks are disrupting our traditional ways of working and learning. New affordances facilitated through social media have fundamentally changed the way we create, organise and learn. But this is just the beginning! Wearable technologies are extending these opportunities in ways that may have only seemed possible in scifi movies. Wearable technologies, that is a networked device that can gather and store data to be transferred or synchronised to other devices that are literally wearable, is the newest emerging trend! Organisations are preparing for the WYOD era – Wear Your Own Device – and the associated challenges with security of data and privacy related concerns.

Join the team from the Ripple Effect Group and explore the potential in your workplace using wearable technologies.

The Anti Panel: Disrupting Expectations Simon Terry, Matt Moore, Kai Riemer
We can’t tell you want the outcomes of this session will be because that depends on you. In a reversal of a normal conference panel session, three facilitators / anti-panellists will pose questions to the “audience”. The disruption caused by digital technologies confounds the notion of the single “expert” as the only source of authority and this session aims to ensure that participants learn from each other. Some of the questions that we will be tackling together include:

  • How do we need to disrupt our own thinking and practices?
  • If you were looking back from 5 years hence, what mistakes are we making today?
  • What can’t we see because we are too close or too far away?